Informed, compassionate support for your birthing journey

About Me

Crystal Miller, CLD, CLC – Certified Labor Doula & Lactation Counselor

I believe that every birthing mother (and her partner and other family members) deserves competent, informed , non-judgmental, loving, compassionate support. Whether you choose to birth in the hospital, at home, or in a birthing center, with or without pain medication, my role as your Doula is to support and honor YOUR choices. To provide you with information, to help you make informed choices that feel right for you and  your family.  I believe that when a woman gives birth she has an amazing opportunity to remember her power; the innate power that all woman have in our sacred role as life givers. Giving birth is hard work; women’s work, and it is my honor to stand beside you as you make this most sacred of journeys.  I offer a free initial consultation for us to get to know each other and to discuss your unique needs.