Hand crafted Baby Quilts

Quilt Option #1: In my circle of women friends we have a tradition where whenever we are expecting a new baby in our circle, we each craft a square to create a “welcoming quilt” for them. It’s like wrapping your baby in a collective hug from your community. With this option, I would provide pre-cut squares for your family and friends to decorate. I would then stitch them together to create your own personal “welcoming baby” quilt. Depending on the medium everyone chooses to use, this sometimes becomes more of an heirloom art quilt/wall hanging than a usable baby quilt. $250

Quilt option #2: With this option, you and the special people in your life each donate a meaningful piece of fabric or old clothing (a scrap from a grandmothers wedding dress, a piece of your own baby blanket, etc.). I will then repurpose these pieces into a quilt filled with the stories of your family/community to share with your child as they grow. $250

Quilt option #3: Do you have a special idea for a baby quilt of your own design? Contact me with your idea, and we’ll co-create something.