Mothers Honoring Ceremony

Mothers Honoring Ceremony:

In a ceremonial circle of the important women in your life, we gather to honor and acknowledge your journey of becoming a mother. We offer you encouragement and love, reflecting all your strengths back to you, empowering you for the amazing job you are about to do, birthing not just your baby, but also yourself as a new mother. $108 plus agreed upon supplies

Mothers Postpartum Closing Ceremony:

Similar to the Mothers Honoring Ceremony, we gather again 6-8 weeks post partum to honor the New Mother. We gather to hear her birth story, to rub her feet and shoulders, bearing witness to her experience thus far. You have journeyed through pregnancy and birth, and now we circle around to honor you and help you gather back in to yourself so you can move forward in your new role in a strong and centered way. $108 plus agreed upon supplies

In both of these ceremonies, I will meet ahead of time with either you or a person whom you choose that knows you well to plan what feels most supportive to you.